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“Marathi Dictionary for Learners” Website and Android app on Gogle Play.

Note :-  Right hand side of the blog shows "Blog Archive". Expand it fully to see whole list of posts discussing many aspects of grammar and Marathi language

Happy to announce my “Marathi Dictionary for Learners” Android app on Google Play.
It can be downloaded quickly from

It is also available in website form as

--------------------- Why new Dictionary ? ---------------------------------
There are many English-to-Marathi dictionaries available as books or online or in app-form.
But all these dictionaries are for native Marathi person learning English. A Marathi learner seeks information of Marathi word for a given English word.

e.g. For English word “door” Marathi words are दार, दरवाजा.
But knowing just these words are not sufficient for Marathi learner.
He must know that दार is of Neuter gender and दरवाजा is of Masculine gender. Otherwise how can he decide different verb forms in this sentence?
ते दार उघडले.
तो दरवाजा उघडला.

Also in Marathi plural of word is different. E.g. Take words माळ
& चाळ. Both are feminine gender. And both sound almost same. But their plurals are formed differently.
Plural of माळ is माळा  but that of चाळ is not चाळा. It is चाळी.
If one make plural of माळ as माळी; he will be in trouble as माळी means Gardener.
If one makes plural of चाळ as चाळा then he will be in trouble as चाळा means idle habit.
So it is important to know exact plural.

Similarly before adding preposition noun form changes.
e.g Price of garland = माळेची किंमत
Price of chawl = चाळीची किंमत
Form of noun माळ is माळे and form of noun चाळ is चाळी.
Though both nouns are of same gender and sound similar, their form is different.

Thus this dictionary is created from point of view of Marathi learners and currently limited only to NOUNs in Marathi.
It gives details of gender, plural and inflected form of noun to be used with prepositions, and an example with preposition.

If there are more than one synonyms then it provides details of all of them.

An English word can mean differently in different context. So context is mentioned wherever applicable.

School : शाळा shALA 
Gender : Feminine 
Plural :शाळा shALA 
saamanyroop form of singular:शाळे shALe 
saamanyroop form of plural:शाळां shALAM 
Example of singular with preposition:शाळेसाठी shALesAThI 
Example of plural with preposition:शाळांसाठी shALAMsAThI
door : दरवाजा daravAjA 
Gender : Masculine 
Plural :दरवाजे daravAje 
saamanyroop form of singular:दरवाज्या daravAjyA 
saamanyroop form of plural:दरवाज्यां daravAjyAM 
Example of singular with preposition:दरवाज्यासाठी daravAjyAsAThI 
Example of plural with preposition:दरवाज्यांसाठी daravAjyAMsAThI
door : दार dAr 
Gender : Neuter 
Plural :दारे dAre 
saamanyroop form of singular:दारा dArA 
saamanyroop form of plural:दारां dArAM 
Example of singular with preposition:दारासाठी dArAsAThI 

Example of plural with preposition:दारांसाठी dArAMsAThI

At present this dictionary has 1590 English words and 1875 Marathi words. I will keep updating the app to add more and more words.
You may try words "platform", "action","collection" to have  quick test of this dictionary.

So I request you to download and install the dictionary and let me know your feedback.

Let me know your feedback on


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Simple Marathi conversation : Republic Day 26th January celebration in India

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Few days before Republic Day of India, I gave a simple exercise to my Marathi students. to "write a conversation on this topic(26th Jan Republic Day) between you and your foreigner colleague who has come to India on an assignment". 

Like before Saba SK from the Facebook group wrote a nicely.  She provided English & Marathi version of conversation.  
Congratulations Saba SK !!

With little editing and few correction here is the conversation for you to study.

Conversation between Sarah (India, Delhi) and HaNa (South Korea, Seoul).

सारा (भारत, दिल्ली) आणि हाना (दक्षिण कोरिया, स्योल) मधील संभाषण (sArA bhArat, dillI ANi hAnA dakShiN koriyA, syol madhIl sMbhAShaN)

Hana's dialogues are highlighted in yellow colour.

Hi Sara, I just heard it is holiday in India on 26th Jan because it is Republic Day of India
हाना: हाय सारा. मला आत्ताच कळलं २६ जानेवारीला भारतात सुट्टी आहे कारण 26 जानेवारी हा इंडियाचा रिपब्लिक डे असतो!
hAnA hAy sArA. malA AttAch kaLalM jAnevArIlA bhAratAt suTTI Ahe kAraN jAnevArI hA iMDiyAchA ripablik De asato!
What is that actually ?
हे नक्की काय असतं ?
he nakkI kAy asatM ?
I suppose it's just like Constitution day in Republic of Korea or other countries. 
मला असे वाटते की हा कोरिया किंवा इतर देशामधील constitution day सारखाच असावा.
malA ase vATate kI hA koriyA kiMvA itar deshAmadhIl "constitustion day" sArakhAch asAvA
Yes, right. 
हो बरोबर.
ho, barobar.
Yes it's called Prajasattak Din in Marathi.
 हो मराठीत प्रजासत्ताकदिन असं म्हणतात.
ho marAThIt prajAsattAkadin asM mhaNatAt.
We got independence in 15 the August 1945. and.. 
15 ऑगस्ट 1945 ला आम्हाला स्वातंत्र्य मिळाले होते आणि...
 AmhAlA svAtMtry miLAle hote ANi...
And we in 1947, August 15.
आणि 1947 मध्ये आम्हाला, 15 ऑगस्टला
ANi ekoNisashe sattechALIs madhye AmhAlA 15 ~ogasT lA.
Ours constitution was first introduced after 3 years of independence in 1948 on July 17.
आमचे संविधान स्वातंत्र्यानंतर तीन वर्षांनी सादर करण्यात आले.
Amache sMvidhAn svAtMtryAnMtar tIn varShAMnI sAdar karaNyAt Ale.
For us July 17 is the Constitution day.
आमच्यासाठी 17 July हा संविधान दिवस असतो.
AmachyAsAThI hA sMvidhAn divas asato.
When was the Indian constitution made?
भारताचे संविधान कधी तयार करण्यात आले?
bhAratAche sMvidhAn kadhI tayAr karaNyAt Ale?
On 29 August 1947, the Constituent Assembly set up a Drafting Committee under the Chairmanship of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
२९ ऑगस्ट १९४७ रोजी संविधान सभेने डॉ. बी.आर. आंबेडकर यांच्या अध्यक्षतेखाली एक मसुदा समिती स्थापन केली.
ekoNatIs ~ogasT ekoNisashe sattechALIs rojI sMvidhAn sabhene D~o. bI.Ar. AMbeDakar yAMchyA adhyakShatekhAlI ek masudA samitI sthApan kelI.
Constitution got the approval on November 26, 1949. 
संविधानाला २६ नोव्हेंबर १९४९ मध्ये मंजुरी मिळाली.
sMvidhAnAlA novheMbar madhye mMjurI miLAlI.
It is the currently longest written constitution in the world. 
हे जगातील सर्वात मोठे संविधान आहे.
he jagAtIl sarvAt moThe sMvidhAn Ahe.
The 389 member Constituent Assembly took almost three years to complete the task of drafting the Constitution. 
तीनशे एकोणनव्वद सदस्यांच्या संविधान सभेला संविधान तयार करण्याचे काम पूर्ण करण्यासाठी सुमारे तीन वर्षे लागली.
tInashe ekoNanavvad sadasyAMchyA sMvidhAn sabhelA sMvidhAn tayAr karaNyAche kAm pUrN karaNyAsAThI sumAre tIn varShe lAgalI.
Dr. Ambedkar handed over the final draft to the then President on 25 November 1949
डॉ. आंबेडकरांनी अंतिम मसुदा २५ नोव्हेंबर १९४९ रोजी तत्कालीन राष्ट्रपतींना दिला
D~o. AMbeDakarAMnI aMtim masudA novheMbar rojI tatkAlIn rAShTrapatIMnA dilA
And it was finally implemented on 26 January 1950.
आणि अखेरीस २६ जानेवारी १९५० रोजी संविधान अंमलात आले.
 ANi akherIs jAnevArI rojI sMvidhAn aMmalAt Ale.
On this day India became Democratic Republic country.
या दिवशी भारत लोकशाही प्रजासत्ताक देश बनला.
yA divashI bhArat lokashAhI prajAsattAk desh banalA.
Hence we celebrate this day as Republic day every year. 
म्हणून आम्ही प्रत्येक वर्षी हा दिवस प्रजासत्ताक दिन म्हणून साजरा करतो.
mhaNUn AmhI pratyek varShI hA divas prajAsattAk din mhaNUn sAjarA karato.
How is the day celebrated. any Marathon or something else.. 
हा दिवस कसा साजरा केला जातो? कुठली मॅरेथॉन किंवा आणि काहीतरी ..
hA divas kasA sAjarA kelA jAto? kuThalI m~areth~on kiMvA ANi kAhItarI ..
 The program begins by hoisting flag and saluting it in morning. 
सकाळच्या वेळी ध्वज फडकवून, झेंडावंदन करून समारंभ सुरू केला जातो.
sakALachyA veLI dhvaj phaDakavUn, jheMDAvMdan karUn samArMbh surU kelA jAto.
A program is organised by ministry of defence at Rajpath New Delhi, which last for 3 days.
राजपथ नवी दिल्ली येथे संरक्षण मंत्रायल एक कार्यक्रम आयोजित करते, जो तीन दिवस चालतो.
rAjapath navI dillI yethe sMrakShaN mMtrAyal ek kAryakram Ayojit karate, jo tIn divas chAlato.
The parade there showcases India's defence capability and its cultural and social heritage.
तिथल्या संचलनात भारताची संरक्षण क्षमता आणि त्याची सांस्कृतिक व सामाजिक वारसा हे दाखवले जाते.
tithalyA sMchalanAt bhAratAchI sMrakShaN kShamatA ANi tyAchI sAMskRutik v sAmAjik vArasA he dAkhavale jAte.
On the evening of 29 January, a last ceremony is held..
२९ जानेवारीच्या संध्याकाळी, शेवटचा सोहळा आयोजित केला जातो..
ekoNatIs jAnevArIchyA sMdhyAkALI, shevaTachA sohaLA Ayojit kelA jAto
..where bands of the three wings of the defence forces - army, navy and air force performs. 
..ज्यात सेनेची तिन्ही दले - लष्कर, नौदल, वायुदल - कामगिरी दाखवतात.
 jyAt senechI tinhI dale laShkar, naudal, vAyudal kAmagirI dAkhavatAt.
This year leaders of Association of South East Asia countries are going to be the Chief guests.
या वर्षी ASEAN देशांचे नेते मुख्य अतिथी म्हणून उपस्थित राहणार आहेत.
yA varShI deshAMche nete mukhy atithI mhaNUn upasthit rAhaNAr Ahet.
Women Border Security force is also going to show the bike stunt. 
महिला सीमा सुरक्षा दल सुद्धा बाईकवरचे धाडसी खेळ दाखवणार आहे.
mahilA sImA surakShA dal suddhA bAIkavarache dhADasI kheL dAkhavaNAr Ahe.
The events are ticketed and conducted amidst high security.
सगळा कार्यक्रम बघायला तिकीट असतं आणि कडेकोट सुरक्षेत आयोजित केला जातो.
sagaLA kAryakram baghAyalA tikIT asatM ANi kaDekoT surakShet Ayojit kelA jAto.
The celebration is usually telecasted on TV channel and other Internet Media. 
समारंभ सामान्यतः टीव्ही चॅनेल आणि इतर इंटरनेट मीडियावर प्रसारित केला जातो.
samArMbh sAmAnyatH TIvhI ch~anel ANi itar iMTaraneT mIDiyAvar prasArit kelA jAto.
Besides Delhi, parades are also conducted in state capital cities.
दिल्ली शिवाय इतर राज्यांच्या राजधान्यांतही संचलने आयोजित केली जातात
dillI shivAy itar rAjyAMchyA rAjadhAnyAMtahI sMchalane Ayojit kelI jAtAt
Republic day is also celebrated in schools across the country. 
प्रजासत्ताक दिन देशभरातील शाळांमध्ये देखील साजरा केला जातो.
prajAsattAk din deshabharAtIl shALAMmadhye dekhIl sAjarA kelA jAto.
Several sports, quiz competitions and other group activities are conducted.
अनेक क्रीडास्पर्धा, प्रश्नमंजुषा आणि इतर उपक्रम आयोजित केले जातात.
anek krIDAspardhA, prashnamMjuShA ANi itar upakram Ayojit kele jAtAt.
At many places people in different societies also celebrate the day with enthusiasm.
अनेक ठिकाणी सोसायट्यांमध्येही लोक खूप उत्साहाने हा दिवस साजरा करतात.
anek ThikANI sosAyaTyAMmadhyehI lok khUp utsAhAne hA divas sAjarA karatAt.
Patriotic songs are played.
देशभक्तीपर गाणी वाजवली जातात.
deshabhaktIpar gANI vAjavalI jAtAt. 
Stage shows are conducted.
स्टेज शो आयोजित केले जातात.
sTej sho Ayojit kele jAtAt.
There are lot more things; but isn't it getting late for you. 
आणखी पण खूप गोष्टी आहेत; पण तुम्हाला उशीर होत नाहीये का?
ANakhI paN khUp goShTI Ahet; paN tumhAlA ushIr hot nAhIye kA?
Yeah, I must go, but it was nice to hear all these.
हो मला निघायला हवं, पण हे सर्व ऐकून फार छान वाटलं.
ho malA nighAyalA havM, paN he sarv aikUn phAr ChAn vATalM.
See you on Monday. 
सोमवारी भेटूया मग.
somavArI bheTUyA mag.
Happy Republic day. 
हो, प्रजासत्ताक दिनाच्या शुभेच्छा
ho, prajAsattAk dinAchyA shubhechChA.
Thank you

Listen this conversation in Marathi at

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Exercise 1 : Conditional statement

Exercise for advanced learners - conditional statement with irregular verb धुणे. 
Translate below sentences in Marathi and then verify with below answers

1) I washed clothes, that's why they are looking clean
2) Had i washed clothes they would have looked clean
3) Because I wash clothes they look clean
4) If I wash clothes they will look clean
5) If I were washing wrong clothes, why didn't you stop me
6) If I am washing wrong clothes, will you stop me
7) I didn't wash clothes, that's why they are looking dirty
8) Had i not washed clothes they would have looked dirty
9) I don't wash clothes thats why they look dirty
10) If I don't wash clothes they will look dirty
11) If I was not washing wrong clothes, why did you stop me
12) If I am not washing wrong clothes, will you still stop me


1) I washed clothes, that's why they are looking clean.
मी कपडे धुतले म्हणून ते स्वच्छ दिसत आहेत.

2) Had i washed clothes they would have looked clean.
मी कपडे धुतले असले तर ते स्वच्छ दिसले असते.

3) Because I wash clothes they look clean.
मी कपडे धुतो म्हणून ते स्वच्छ दिसतात.

4) If I wash clothes they will look clean.
जर मी कपडे धुतले तर ते स्वच्छ दिसतील.

5) If I were washing wrong clothes, why didn't you stop me?
जर मी चुकीचे कपडे धूत होतो तर तू मला का थांबवले नाहीस ?

6) If I am washing wrong clothes, will you stop me?
जर मी चुकीचे कपडे धूत असेन तर तू मला थांबवशील का?

7) I didn't wash clothes, that's why they are looking dirty.
मी कपडे धुतले नाहीत म्हणून ते अस्वच्छ दिसत आहेत.

8) Had I not washed clothes they would have looked dirty.
जर मी कपडे धुतले नसते तर ते अस्वच्छ दिसले असते.

9) I don't wash clothes that's why they are looking dirty.
मी कपडे धूत नाही म्हणून ते अस्वच्छ दिसतात.

10) If I don't wash clothes they will look dirty.
जर मी कपडे धुतले नाहीत तर ते अस्वच्छ दिसतील.

11) If I was not washing the wrong clothes, why did you stop me?
जर मी चुकीचे कपडे धूत नव्हतो तर तू मला का थांबवलेस?

12) If I am not washing the wrong clothes, will you still stop me

जर मी चुकीचे कपडे धूत नसेन तरी तू मला थांबवशील का?

Simple Marathi conversation: Linking AADHAR card to mobile number

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I am happy and proud to present you the contribution by learner of my blog. 

Marathi learner Saba has created the conversation on topic "linking AADHAR card to mobile number". She has done it with 99% perfection. 

So sharing her original contribution and then rectified version with transliteration. 

नमस्कार  namaskAr
Hello sir, how may I help you. 
नमस्कार सरमी तुम्हाला कशी मदत करु शकतो  ?
namaskAr sar  mI tumhAlA kashI madat karu shakato  ?
I received a message to link my Aadhaar details with my postpaid connection.

Would you please tell me the procedure. 
मला माझ्या पोस्टपेड कनेक्शनला आधार नंबर लिंक करण्याबद्दल मेसेज आला आहे. कृपया मला प्रक्रिया सांगा. 

malA mAjhyA posTapeD kanekshanalA AdhAr nMbar liMk karaNyAbaddal mesej AlA Ahe. kRupayA malA prakriyA sAMgA.
Yes, this is in connection to the Aadhar based E-KYC notification issued by the government. Every number has to be registered with the user's UIDAI before February next year 2018
होहे सरकारद्वारे जारी केलेल्या आधार बेस्ड E-KYC सूचनेच्या संबंधात आहे
Ho,  he sarakAradvAre jArI kelelyA AdhAr besD    E-KYC  sUchanechyA sMbMdhAt Ahe .

पुढील वर्षी फेब्रुवारी 2018 पर्यंत प्रत्येक नंबर  वापरकर्त्याच्या UIDAI  सोबत  नोंदणीकृत असणे आवश्यक आहे
puDhIl varShI phebruvArI 2018  paryMt pratyek nMbar  vAparakartyAchyA UIDAI  sobat  noMdaNIkRut asaNe Avashyak Ahe
Oh I see. What all should I submit. 
ओह! कळलं. काय काय सादर करावे लागेल आता ?   
oh kaLalM  kAy kAy sAdar karAve lAgel AtA  ?
Aadhar card alone is sufficient along with your number. 

However Biometric test will be taken to validate the submitted aadhar number. 
तुमच्या मोबाईल नंबरच्या शिवाय फक्त आधार कार्ड पुरेसे आहे.
tumachyA mobAIl nMbarachyA shivAy phakt AdhAr kArD purese Ahe.

पण  दिलेला आधार क्रमांक प्रमाणित करण्यासाठी बायोमेट्रिक चाचणी घेतली जाईल 
paN, dilelA AdhAr kramAMk pramANit karaNyAsAThI bAyomeTrik chAchaNI ghetalI jAIl.
Is the process chargeable? 

And how many days will it take to get everything verified?
काही चार्ज लागतो का?    
kAhI chArj lAgato kA? 
आणि सगळ्या गोष्टी सत्यापित करण्यासाठी किती दिवस लागतील?
ANi sagaLyA goShTI satyApit karaNyAsAThI kitI divas lAgatIl?
No it's free of cost and the connection will get verified within a day. 

For new sims it's on the spot. 
हे विनामूल्य आहे आणि कनेक्शन एका दिवसात सत्यापित होऊन जाईल
he vinAmUly Ahe ANi kanekshan ekA divasAt satyApit hoUn jAIl

नवीन सिमसाठी तर लगेच होऊन जाते.
navIn simasAThI tar lagech hoUn jAte.
OK, here is my aadhar number and phone number. 
What if I hold 2 connections ?
ठीक आहे  हे माझा आधार नंबर आणि फोन नंबर घ्या.
ThIk Ahe, he mAjhA AdhAr nMbar ANi phon nMbar ghyA.
माझ्याकडे  2  कनेक्शन असतील तर  ?
mAjhyAkaDe 2 kanekshan asatIl tar?
In that case you'll have to complete the process for both the numbers separately. 
तर तुम्हाला दोन्ही नंबरसाठी प्रक्रिया वेगवेगळी पूर्ण करावी लागेल.  tar tumhAlA donhI nMbarasAThI prakriyA vegavegaLI pUrN karAvI lAgel.
This is my another number
बरं हा माझा दुसरा नंबर पण घ्या   
barM, hA mAjhA dusarA nMbar paN ghyA.
I have registered your both the numbers. Check if you've received the OTP. 
मी तुमच्या दोन्ही नंबरची नोंदणी करून दिली आहे
mI tumachyA donhI nMbarachI noMdaNI karUn dilI Ahe.
बघा,  OTP आला आहे का?   
baghA nullnullnull AlA Ahe kA?
Yes, type in 1234 and 5678
हो 1234  आणि 5678 टाइप करा 
ho, 1234 ANi 5678 TAip karA
You can go for the finger print on that side now. 
हो झालेआता तुम्ही तिकडे जाऊन फिंगर प्रिंट देऊ शकता  
ho jhAle. AtA tumhI tikaDe jAUn phiMgar priMT deU shakatA.
After Biometric verification, you’ll receive a confirmation message within 24 hours. Please reply with 'Y' to that. 
बायोमेट्रिक सत्यापनानंतर  तुम्हाला  24 तासांत एक पुष्टीकरण संदेश मिळेल  त्यावर  ‘Y’  लिहून पाठवून द्या
bAyomeTrik satyApanAnMtar, tumhAlA 24 tAsAMt ek puShTIkaraN sMdesh miLel. tyAvar ‘Y’ lihUn pAThavUn dyA .
Fine. Thanks. 
ठीक आहे. धन्यवाद  ThIk Ahe dhanyavAd.

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